15 Days Morocco tour from Casablanca


15 Days Morocco tour from Casablanca

itinerary overview And details


The moment you reach the airport of Casablanca, we will be there to take in a tour throughout the city. Casablanca is the capital city of Morocco, and one of its largest cities. Moreover, it contains some very important places, such as: the Park of the Arab League, the Museum of the Villa des Arts, Hassan II mosque, and the Mohammed V square as well as the old Medina.

Because of the narrow streets of the old Medina, you cannot use any means of transportation to explore it, therefore, you will have a tour via its walls on your feet. The old Medina has its own special atmosphere, and while walking through its streets, you will notice the colorful walls, the handmade products, and the traditional carpets.


In the next day, your destination will be Essaouira. During this journey, you will visit various wonderful Moroccan cities.

The first city to visit is El Jadida which was colonized for two centuries by the Portugal. The fact that the city was colonized by the Portuguese and freed by Moroccans made of the city a special artistic table where Moroccan and Portugal cultures melt.

The second one will be El Oualidia which is famous by the surrounded lakes that give it a unique panoramic view. El Oualidia is situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, and from this city you can see one of the oldest Kasbahs in the area which was built in the seventh century.

The following city is Safi. This city is has one of the most important ports that provide a huge quantity and good quality of fish. The city, also, contains a beautiful beach which is mostly full by tourists from different countries and cities. In addition to this, you will be surprised by its traditional structure that is vanishing.

Finally, you will reach Essaouira where you will spend your night.


This day will be devoted to explore Essaouira and then head to Marrakech. Essaouira has various nicknames such as: the Windy City, and the Pearl of the Atlantic. These nicknames came from the beauty of the city, its large beach as well as its string wind. The city is, also, well known by its calm, and its well-fabricated streets. Once you are there, you figure out that the inhabitants’ main source of money is fishing, handicrafts as well as tourism. Therefore, you will chase the chance to enjoy the beauty of this city, buy some handicrafts, if you would like to, and have a trip on boats.

After exploring the city, you will ride towards Marrakech. The arrival will be at the afternoon; therefore you will visit some touristic places before heading to a hotel.


Marrakech is rich, and full of places to visit.  Therefore, this day will be dedicated to explore this ‘red city’, as most Moroccans like to call it. The tour will be under the instructions of a local guide who will take you via Koutoubia, Bahia Palace, the Saadian Tombs and the Menara Gardens.  Once it is lunch time, you will be taken to a restaurant in the Medina; lunch will be on you. Later on, you will be free to explore the city by yourself, taste food, drinks, and by some souvenirs. The city of Marrakech is known by its own atmosphere, and walking throughout its streets is like moving from one independent civilization to another. Once you visit Jamme-El Fna square, you will be fascinated by the huge number of people there and the countless HLAYQYA, people telling stories, making performances, or playing with snakes, who compete each other to catch as much as possible of Jamaa-El Fna’s visitors. In Jamaa-El Fna, there are, also, different types of food and drinks provided in a traditional way. The tour in Marrakesh will end once it is time for dinner and your night will be spent in the hotel.


The following day, you will head via the High Atlas Mountains towards the Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah which is an old historical Kasbah. To reach this Kasbah, you will drive through Tizi N Tishka which is a well-known Atlas Mountain pass. On your road, you will pass by Telouet which is a small village that contains some old Kasbahs, there you will have a pause to explore the Kasbahs, and find out how the old people used to organize and construct their kasbahs. The beauty and the traditional decoration of the Kasbahs will lure and fascinate you. Later on, you will continue to reach Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou which was inhabited by Thami El Glawi’s family. The Kasbah is considered the oldest Kasbah in the area, and a world heritage by the UNESCO. There, you will have a tour to discover and explore the Kasbah. While walking through its streets, you will have the chance to take some lovely pictures and hear more about the history of this Kasbah.


The next station of your journey will be Boumalne Dades, via several historical villages and places. In this tour, you will first pass by Ouarzazate, then by Skoura which contains a large number of palm trees, and several Kasbahs along the way. Later on, you will head towards Kelaat Magouna where the famous Rose festival is organized annually as well as by the Rose water which is used in several domains such as the medical domain. In all of these stations, you will have time to explore discover and walk through its street and take some lovely pictures. And finally, you will reach The Dades Gorge where you will spend your night.


Once you have your breakfast, you start a journey towards Merzouga via Tinghir, Todra Gorge, Tinjdad, and Erfoud. The first village you will pass by is Tinghir, and then you will reach Todra Gorge which contains many Kasbahs and a huge number of palm trees. There, you will have the chance to enjoy the beauty of the place and take some pictures. Later on, you will head to Erfoud via Tinjdad where you will have a tour in the fossilized marble factory, to discover how the whole process of producing this product goes. Afterwards, you will continue to Rissani where you will find a guide waiting there to take you on camels in a tour over the dunes after having a cup of tea. The tour throughout the dunes of Erg Chebbi will take about an hour and half. During this tour, you will explore the dunes and enjoy the fascinating calm atmosphere it offers to its visitors, and at night you will notice that the view changes to take another beautiful shape. In the heart of the desert, you will find a nomad camp where you will spend your night after having dinner under the clear sky.


One of the most luring views in the dunes is the sunrise, therefore you will wake up in early morning to watch it, and take some lovely pictures to fascinate your friends and family with this natural artistic view. Afterwards, you will ride back on camels to the hotel where you will have your breakfast, take shower, and then begin another journey via the dunes to visit some nomad camps, and have a discussion with its inhabitants to learn about how it feels to live in the heart of the desert and what their daily life activities are.

In this tour you will, also, visit Dyet Sriji where you will see various kinds of birds, if it happen to be full of water. Later on, you will reach to Khamlia which is populated by Amazighs, and Gnawa. These inhabitants have their own special music and culture, and they are known by their generosity and hospitality. There, you will taste some cups of tea and listen to the spiritual music known as Gnawi. From there, you will continue your trip around Erg Chebbi before heading back to your hotel.


In the morning, you will start a journey towards Midelt. On your road you will pass via Rissani which is a small village known by its big Souk where you will find various types of products that are locally made, as well as some local fruits. Rissani is, also, famous by its hot weather.

From Erissani, you will continue to Erfoud which is one of the charming villages where fossils is made. There you may have visite to the fossils’ factory before driving via the ZIZ Valley. The Ziz Valley is full of natural views such as the huge number of palm trees, and the deep canyons. On the way, you will have a pause in the Hassan Adakhil dam. This dam is well-known by its blue water and the mountains. Afterward, you will drive via Tizi N Tlghomt to Midelt. On the road, you will be fascinating by the natural richness of the area, and you will have a pause wherever you reach a place that deserves, and once you reach Midelt, you will be taken to a hotel to spend your night there.


Todays’ journey will begin after having breakfast, and the destination is Fes. On the way you will pass by Azrou which the home of the Barbarian monkeys and the old Cedar trees in the area. Once you are there, you will have a pause to explore the place, enjoy the amazing weather and walk throughout the trees where you may be lucky to have the chance of feeding some of monkeys and take some lovely pictures.

 After wards, you will next station will be Ifran which is known by its cold weather. This city is one of the most charming cities in Morocco. Once you are there, you will notice the clean streets and the beautiful houses that are built to fit the snowing weather. Ifran is also full of lakes, and forest. Moreover, it contains the fascinating rocky lion and one of the most famous universities in the country, El Akhawayne. Your pause in Ifran will be full of joy, fun, and happiness.

From Ifran, you will drive to Imouzzer Kandar where you will have a break to relax and regain your power before continuing to Fes where you will be taken to a hotel to spend your night, and prepare yourself for the next day’s adventure.

Day 11: FES

This whole day will be dedicated to explore Fes which is one of the oldest cities in Morocco where you will find a mixture of cultures, and religions. In Fes, you will visit various historical places and explore them. One of these places is El medina, which is constructed from various shops, and bazars that sell antiques, handicrafts, and some traditional handmade products, as well as from narrow streets where you cannot drive any of your transportation means, therefore walking will be your only way of exploring the place. In addition to El medina, you will visit the Moulay Idriss Mosque, where the founder of the city lays, and then the Quaraouiyine Mosque which was built in seven centuries ago, and more.


From fez you will start a journey towards Chefchaouen, via a wide range of cities. After driving for a few minutes, you will pass via the Rif Mountain which gives a wonderful view along the way. Then you will reach Volubilis where you will be taken by a guide in a tour throughout this place, which was recognized by the UNESCO as a world heritage. In this historical, there are some places that are forbidden to be visited, however, you will be allowed to walk through them freely. Later on you will continue to Meknes, and there you will have lunch and start a tour around the city to see some of the amazing historical buildings such as the Bab Mansour which is the largest Gate in Africa, you will also visit Lhdim Square which is similar to Jamaa El-Fna. Afterward, you will head to Ouezzane via the Rif Mountains. This town is well-known by the quality of its various handmade products such as: furniture, cloths, and shoes. In Ouzzen, you will have the chance to explore the town, and take some lovely pictures, before continuing to Chefchaouen.


Chefchaouen is a city of beauty; therefore this day will be devoted to explore it. The city is surrounded by fields, and mountains, while its narrow streets are painted with blue color which gives it a special look and gives its visitors a special feeling. Your tour in the city will include the Uta Square which is a fascinating place where you can have a walk and take some pictures. While walking via the city, you will notice how friendly its inhabitants are.


Today’s journey is going to be to Casablanca. In this trip, you will first drive via Rbat to Knitra which is close to the Sebu River. Once you are there you will have a pause to explore the city such as the Achouada Square, and the Medina with its narrow streets. And from there, you will continue to Rabat, the commercial heart of Morocco. There, you will visit The Tower of Hassan, hear about the history of the place and have a walk around the place. Rabat is a city where the past and future live side by side, and this will be noticed once you moved from the center of the city to its Medina. Finally,and after exploring the city, you will continue to reach Casablanca, and spend your night there.


Today, your tour will be ended by taking you from the hotel after having your breakfast towards the airport to flay back home.

What is included And what is not included in this tour

What’s Included :

  • Pick up and drop off from Hotel/airport accommodation.
  • Comfortable private transport with air condition.
  • Provisional Driver/Guide.
  • Fuel
  • Accomoditionof Your choice.
  • Camel Trekking in the Desert Tours
  • A night in the camp in The Desert Tours.

Not Included :

  • Lunches.
  • Drinks.
  • Tips.

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